Best Options to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

If accepting payment online is a big hurdle to you, then sorry to say, you will have no proper business. You must learn with the trends and only then you will survive in the tough and competitive market. There are three methods of Payment Processors and they are as follows.

Merchant Account + Payment Gateway
All-in-one solutions
Simplified Credit Card Processors
Merchant Account + Payment Gateway

This is the traditional method of undertaking payments online. It is the combination of a payment gateway and a merchant account.

The merchant account is one of the special business kind accounts that accept the payments from credit cards.

The Online Payment Gateway acts as the connector between the service account of a merchant and your store. It then processes the payment transaction among the various parties that are involved in the transaction process which would include your bank and the card issuer bank.

It charges a fee to both the members of the payment gateway and merchant account. Though there are many options available as few of the companies do not charge any transaction fee or set up fees.

Payment gateways are known to be great insecurity and customization and perfectly suits for the larger businesses.

All-in-One Solutions

These services by top payment processing companies combine the gateway and the account in one solution. With the combination of both these, it becomes an easier and faster setup process.

It gives you the freedom to accept all the credit cards and also have transaction rates that are favorable. The best part is they do not charge for monthly or for setting up accounts, but they do charge for a few service features.

This was not always favorable in earlier days. The customers were directed to your site for the payment process depending upon how the solution was setup. Now with the help of PayPal, the business owners get to decide as to how the checkout experience of the customer is like.

Simplified Credit Card Processors

When looked at the Merchant’s point of view, they are similar to that of the all-in-one solutions. But they combine with the checkout of your store. In other words, shoppers do not leave your site. Also, they are much quicker to set up and they also accept all kinds of payment methods.

The simplified credit card processors are such that it does not require the aid of any payment gateway or the merchant account and that leads to fewer fees. In the case of the all-in-one solution, it becomes a competitive case for the rates as they usually do not charge monthly fees or setup fees. But in Simplified Card Processor, it acts as a straight business. The credit card of the customer is entered, and then the payment is processed. It is as simple as that.

Flats In Patna

Real Estate is a flourishing and budding sector in Patna. In recent years, the pace of growth and development has been even faster and made it one of the hot property markets in Bihar. Flats are available in varying spaces at quote affordable prices. In the past few years, Patna has seen a tremendous increasing trend in the real estate sector. Patna ranks in the top 30 in the list of fastest-growing cities. Even the economy in Patna is also growing at a fast pace. The farming and IT sectors are proving a boon to the rising economy in Bihar. Many entrepreneurs are kick-starting their businesses? in Patna. From being the heart of Bihar, Patna encompasses many important areas Rajendra Nagar, Rukanpura, Patliputra, KhagaulRoad, Mithapur, Raja Bazar, and many more. In the Danapur area of Patna, Bihar, a major housing project is ongoing with the name ” SaakaarAquacity” by Saakaar Constructions Private Limited. This is a renowned construction company known for trust and providing luxurious facilities to the clients that too at affordable prices. Danapur is an area that is connected to major highways, hospitals and schools. So it saves time and avoids traveling for day to day work.

Saakaar Aquacity

It’s a blissful project with the right combination of comfort and luxury. From being affordable to providing all the modern amenities, this project encompasses a very wide area suitable for both residential as well as commercial projects. This project is RERA and IGBC approved which means it is not only trustworthy but also Green and safe. Even E-rikshaws facility is also available on the premises to avoid pollution. Hence, you can breathe pure and fresh air all the time with no adulteration of pollution.

They offer 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats at varying dimensions. The measurements of the flats are as follows

Lily plan- 2BHK+2T(3) Super Area: 1050 sqft
Lotus plan- 2BHK+2T(4) Super Area: 1115 sqft
Henna plan- 3BHK+3T(6) Super Area: 1324 sqft
Iris plan- 3BHK+3T(7) Super Area: 1394 sqft
Magenta plan- 3BHK+3T(8) Super Area: 1449 sqft
Indigo plan- 3BHK+3T(9) Super Area: 1453 sqft
Olive plan- 3BHK+3T(10) Super Area: 1532 sqft
Orchid plan- 3BHK+3T(11) Super Area: 1781 sq ft.
Violet plan- 3BHK+3T(12) Super Area: 1799 sq ft.
Daisy plan- 3BHK+3T(13) Super Area: 1992 sq ft.
4BHK+4T(14) Carpet Area: 1687 sq ft.
Carnation plan- 4BHKK+4T(15) Super Area: 2506 sq ft.

The Saakaar Aquacity also provides various amenities like gymnasium, badminton court, basketball court, jogging track, cricket pitch, 24 × 7 CCTV cameras, Lawn Tennis Court, Library, Club House, Creche/Daycare, Yoga and Meditation Area, restaurant, food court, and many more other amenities.

In addition to all these, it is completely safe for your loved ones and the elderly. So you can go stress-free about the safety of your loved ones. The security is quite illiberal and therefore, the safety is not at all compromised. Moreover, the area also consists of schools, hospitals, grocery stores in the proximity to avoid traveling too much. So, it is diesel saving too ;) . Top schools are located within a radius of 5 km. AIIMS & IGIMS are also present within a radius of 10 km. It is 3 km away from Danapur Railway Station, 11 km away from Patna Airport. Usari Bazar, Sagunamore, Khagaul, and other markets are also very nearby. That means you don’t have to travel so much for reaching to day to day places. Hassle-free traveling with safety is the gist of the Saakaar Aquacity.

Saakaar Aquacity provides dream projects with all the modern and luxuries combined in one. It is a wonderful project and if you are thinking of buying the flats here, you can go for it. It can prove to be the best decision of your life.

Why funding with a business loan is beneficial for business?

Every business needs funding for its daily operations to go in a smooth way. Without the right funding to the business, operating even the daily tasks would be very difficult. In such a situation, banks and lenders are offering quick business loans to the borrowers and disbursing the loan amount in a very quick manner. They are not letting their customers wait for long to acquire the money and then use it for their purposes.

Basically, a business loan is a loan that is offered to the businesspeople for setting up their business, make payments, purchase equipment, etc. They can be either secured or unsecured loans. Secured loans are where the business owner must pledge his asset or property with the lender, whereas, for an unsecured loan, the borrower is not required to pledge any asset.

So, let us look at why funding with business loans is beneficial for the business.

Achieving targets: A business sets totally different goals for each short- and long-term periods. The analysis relies on how well it’s capable of managing its finances. Often, businesses realize themselves when they are in the middle of liquidity shortage and this shortage in the funds will hinder the expansion of a business. Even if the business has restricted funds, it can be covered by insuring the assets. The insurance may be obtained for debts and liabilities, accidents and vehicles to secure them from any unfortunate instances.
Planning the activities: Businesses typically face a shortage of liquid money to pay their short expenditures and thus would like to finance for business. The creditors of the companies will demand their payments for providing material and services. If these demands are not fulfilled, that is if the payment is not made, then the creditors will not provide the stock and it may end up in shortage of stock. Having a healthy working capital will facilitate businesses to have an idea of how to arrange budgets and predict the income and finances required to satisfy them. However, businesses should not forever rely on short term resources, as this may halt long comes and needs. Long-term funding may be aided by availing bank loans. Funding through long-term resources cannot be done through short resources because it may hamper short-term goals. Capital budgeting could be a crucial part of businesses and thus may have finances that will be funded through business loans.
Meeting financial goals: Businesses have a group vision regarding achieving their financial goals. The vision depends a lot on how the business will manage its resources. The restricted quantity of funds eventually shapes up a business’s objectives. For whatever reason businesses are looking for funds like a short goal to extend the funding of sales or expansion of capabilities to manufacture – they need finance to their business.
Can easily analyse financial statements: Financial statements of the business can be analysed in a better way as the money is funded only from the loan and not from multiple sources. The business owner must pay only for one lender and should clear only one debt. Adequate funding will facilitate businesses in creating vital selections associated with the growth of a business, achievement and using, promoting and selling and others.

Consulting – The Latest 7 Secrets to Grow Your Consulting Business

More people are starting up consulting businesses because the economy is so unstable. They dislike their corporate jobs being uncertain and so they decide to start consulting instead of going back into that tense corporate arena. If you are consulting now, read on to find the latest 7 secrets to grow your consulting business.

1. Provide memorable consulting services. That means you do things your competitors will not do like setting up early morning appointments for the convenience of your clients.

2. Only work with people if your services and products are an accurate match for the prospect. Be honest and up front with your prospect. If someone else is better qualified for this prospect, refer them to the most qualified provider.

3. Listen to your prospect and give them what they say they want. Doing this, you will have an easy sale.

4. Speak optimistically about possibilities and opportunities. Your prospect will appreciate that you are the type of person who experiments and thinks out of the box for goal achievement.

5. Only speak respectfully about your competitors. This shows your professionalism and your prospect will see that you are a person of integrity.

6. Say things so your prospect can think of a happy future using your solutions to his or her problems. Honestly admit when you can’t guarantee what the prospect desires of you but speak hopefully of experiencing the best outcome that will please your prospect.

7. Be consistent with your message whatever that is. We feel secure with the familiar, consistent way of doing things.

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