10 Tips for Effective Packing

Moving is hard work. It requires several days of preparation, planning, and packing. Of course, this assumes that you are relying on South Dakota moving services rather than attempting to load, travel with, and unload all of your possessions on your own. Doing so would add several days of physical and mental stress to the moving process! While relocating to a new home can be exciting and fun, the preparation of packing boxes and planning movers is just a serious step that will pay off once you are in your new house or apartment. Unfortunately, not everybody has time to give up several days or evenings for packing and unpacking. That is why it is important to speed up the process in any way possible. You should know a few important ways to shave hours if not days off of the packing process. Below are 10 great tips for all who are currently moving or will move in the future. By the way, that is just about everybody!
1. Pack Rooms Together

Pack your kitchen supplies, decor, and appliances in the same boxes. Do the same for every other room of your home. Not only will this eliminate wandering time–for example, searching your home for all books to put them into a single large box–but it will make unpacking easy! When the goods you are packing are within an arm’s reach of boxes, you will get plenty of work done in a short amount of time!

2. Throw Non-Delicates In

Do you have plenty of writing utensils and notebooks? What about cleaning products? Your towels are not delicate, are they? You will be surprised how much time you will save by tossing non-delicates into boxes rather than carefully arranging them like a game of Tetris. This may result in you using more boxes because they will not be snugly packed, but hey, you should not be the one moving the boxes anyway! There is no need to waste time sorting your house shoes, socks, and robes into neat piles.

3. Use Your Own Supplies When You Can

The daily newspaper and magazine pages make for great protective wrapping. Scotch tape can hold it all together, too! Use rubber bands and hair ties to bundle small, loose items. Also, choose to use large boxes from previous moves or small boxes that held your toaster, waffle maker, and electronics. Any box that does not come in a strange shape can be used to pack up your possessions. Also, consider packing appliances in the boxes they came in! Have you been throwing them out?

4. Pack from Hard to Soft

Some people prefer to categorize their boxes by item. While this makes sense to some, this can leave you with a few miscellaneous pieces. For example, how many vases do you own? Once you have packed up your living room’s furniture and electronics, you will be left with several decorative pieces that do not have a place. In those cases, you should pack the remaining items from hard (at the bottom) to soft. Thick and non-delicate items belong at the very bottom. For example, pack a box with coffee table books on the bottom, then lamp stands, candlesticks, vases, and lampshades on top. For more fragile pieces, consider folding up throw blankets and pillows and placing them between the items.

If you have trouble with packing, even after considering the tips above, then contact a South Dakota moving company or movers in your area. Some movers will assist with packing and unpacking for an additional fee, saving you plenty of time–and sore muscles–that would be spent packing up. Moving is hard enough; why not rely on professional services when they are available to help?

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