Best Options to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

If accepting payment online is a big hurdle to you, then sorry to say, you will have no proper business. You must learn with the trends and only then you will survive in the tough and competitive market. There are three methods of Payment Processors and they are as follows.

Merchant Account + Payment Gateway
All-in-one solutions
Simplified Credit Card Processors
Merchant Account + Payment Gateway

This is the traditional method of undertaking payments online. It is the combination of a payment gateway and a merchant account.

The merchant account is one of the special business kind accounts that accept the payments from credit cards.

The Online Payment Gateway acts as the connector between the service account of a merchant and your store. It then processes the payment transaction among the various parties that are involved in the transaction process which would include your bank and the card issuer bank.

It charges a fee to both the members of the payment gateway and merchant account. Though there are many options available as few of the companies do not charge any transaction fee or set up fees.

Payment gateways are known to be great insecurity and customization and perfectly suits for the larger businesses.

All-in-One Solutions

These services by top payment processing companies combine the gateway and the account in one solution. With the combination of both these, it becomes an easier and faster setup process.

It gives you the freedom to accept all the credit cards and also have transaction rates that are favorable. The best part is they do not charge for monthly or for setting up accounts, but they do charge for a few service features.

This was not always favorable in earlier days. The customers were directed to your site for the payment process depending upon how the solution was setup. Now with the help of PayPal, the business owners get to decide as to how the checkout experience of the customer is like.

Simplified Credit Card Processors

When looked at the Merchant’s point of view, they are similar to that of the all-in-one solutions. But they combine with the checkout of your store. In other words, shoppers do not leave your site. Also, they are much quicker to set up and they also accept all kinds of payment methods.

The simplified credit card processors are such that it does not require the aid of any payment gateway or the merchant account and that leads to fewer fees. In the case of the all-in-one solution, it becomes a competitive case for the rates as they usually do not charge monthly fees or setup fees. But in Simplified Card Processor, it acts as a straight business. The credit card of the customer is entered, and then the payment is processed. It is as simple as that.

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