Consulting – The Latest 7 Secrets to Grow Your Consulting Business

More people are starting up consulting businesses because the economy is so unstable. They dislike their corporate jobs being uncertain and so they decide to start consulting instead of going back into that tense corporate arena. If you are consulting now, read on to find the latest 7 secrets to grow your consulting business.

1. Provide memorable consulting services. That means you do things your competitors will not do like setting up early morning appointments for the convenience of your clients.

2. Only work with people if your services and products are an accurate match for the prospect. Be honest and up front with your prospect. If someone else is better qualified for this prospect, refer them to the most qualified provider.

3. Listen to your prospect and give them what they say they want. Doing this, you will have an easy sale.

4. Speak optimistically about possibilities and opportunities. Your prospect will appreciate that you are the type of person who experiments and thinks out of the box for goal achievement.

5. Only speak respectfully about your competitors. This shows your professionalism and your prospect will see that you are a person of integrity.

6. Say things so your prospect can think of a happy future using your solutions to his or her problems. Honestly admit when you can’t guarantee what the prospect desires of you but speak hopefully of experiencing the best outcome that will please your prospect.

7. Be consistent with your message whatever that is. We feel secure with the familiar, consistent way of doing things.

Executive Search Consultants Have Many Modern Tools

Executive search consultants have interesting but challenging jobs. At times, finding the right candidate for a company can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. A fairly big gap can exist between the company needs and the candidates wants and the consultant’s job of helping the two sides meet in the middle can be daunting.

A way to make the process much easier is to find highly qualified candidates with a vision and work style that matches the hiring company. In the past, that meant job fairs, newspaper ads, and a great deal of faxing in an effort to find qualified applicants.

But with the advent of email, the internet, twitter and text messaging, finding candidates is becoming easier, allowing executive search consultants to find better qualified applicants faster. Rather than attend job fairs all over the country hoping to find top notch applicants and then being done with a search, a recruiter can launch a well designed website that allows people to add their resume online. With a 24 hour 7 day a week presence on the internet, a number of possible employees have access to the recruiter that might never have made it to a job fair.

Another technology that has made a world of difference for recruiters is email. No longer limited by fax machines, candidates can communicate clearly without having to run to Kinko’s to fax documents. Email is also a great tool for tracking information, allowing the recruiter to know what details were sent and when. Negotiations are well documented and an email conversation can happen quickly and easily, allowing decisions to be discussed thoroughly even within the time pressure of a job search.

Texting is another useful tool for consultants. Being able to sit in an office meeting and at the same time send a short bit of information to a candidate regarding a change of an interview location makes all the difference. Twitter is also finding its way into the awareness of executive search consultants as it allows them to distribute information to all their clients and candidates with a minimum of effort.

Technology has sped up the recruitment process but it’s also improved the results. It’s easier than ever to find the right candidate for a job and make the hiring company as well as the new employee thrilled with the perfect match.

Management Consulting – Uncover 5 Popular Ways to Excel With Consulting For Management

In the highly competitive marketplace companies must provide quality products, services and excellent customer care. To make sure businesses constructively move their business forward, they hire corporate consultants. Hiring a corporate consultant, they learn how to improve workplace productivity, reduce business expenses, improve procedures or processes, increase profits and more effectively achieve their business goals and objectives. Keep reading to uncover 5 popular ways to excel with management consulting.

1. Using management consulting, you can improve the workplace environment. One of the most common challenges managers involve themselves in is resolving people problems. Showing managers how to develop useful management principles, they can spend more time on revenue producing projects instead of resolving employee miscommunication challenges.

2. Review goal achievement track records. As a consultant, you can bring fresh and impersonal insights into a corporate environment. You can impersonally brainstorm and create action steps to help your client get back on track.

3. Using your unbiased expertise, look for hidden talent within the company. Sometimes employees are overlooked by management. When you see employee talent that can help a company achieve their goals, point those overlooked talents out to management. They will be glad to discover these resources already on their team.

4. Create some checklists using your unbiased findings about people. When managers can do their job more effectively using a checklist, work productivity improves the quality of their company workforce.

5. Encourage open-mindedness among managers for improved corporate business. When a company’s customers see that their supplier is open-minded, they feel confident they are getting the best and latest technology for their needs.

Important Keys When Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

When it comes to raising funds for any midsize to large organization it is always best to leave it up to a fundraising consultant who can keep all of your affairs in order. Far too often people will take on the daunting task of trying to organize everybody and put everything in order for a fund-raising effort. If you hire a good consultant, they can often eliminate so much of the stress and the investment is well worth it in the long run.

Powerful connections to kick start you

Not only can a good fundraising consultant keep everything organized for you, they should almost always have some ready resources in order to help kick start your fundraising program. If they have done their homework then they should have good connections with local foundations and other large business donors in the area.

Do they have the right vision?

One key is to make sure that the fundraising consultant does have a vision for the project or cause that you are trying to raise money for. It’s possible that you may have got this person from a word of mouth or a business relationship that you are already familiar with.

Sit back and let them work

The best thing that you can do once you hire somebody to handle your fundraising efforts is to sit back and let them do their thing. After all, the reason that you hired a fundraising consultant in the first place was to handle all of the fundraising efforts. So sit back and let them do their job.

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