Renting a Studio Apartment in a Large City

Many people want the experience of living in a big city without having to purchase a home or condo in one. This can sometimes pose a few problems, especially when it comes to the cost of renting in such a big city. There is an easy solution to this issue. If you live alone, or only have a roommate or two, it can be quite feasible to rent studio apartments in St Paul, MN. Here are some benefits to renting a studio apartment instead of a one-bedroom apartment in a large city.
Rent Will Cost Less

If you are on a strict budget and need to watch how much you spend on your living arrangements, then a studio apartment is going to help you achieve this goal. Typically, a studio apartment will be about $125-$200 less per month than renting a one-bedroom apartment. This is usually the main reason why people opt to rent a studio apartment versus a one-bedroom apartment. It costs them less in the long run. You Won’t Have to Buy as Much Furniture

It can be quite expensive to furnish an apartment, especially if you don’t have any roommates and you are left to buy everything on your own. Rather than buying all the items you need for a one bedroom apartment, which would require the bedroom and the main living space and the kitchen, you can get by with less in a studio apartment. Typically, if you have a bed, desk, couch, and a dresser, it will be enough for a studio apartment. You might even luck out and find a studio apartment that is already fully furnished.

You Will Save Money on Utilities

By having a smaller, more open space and floor plan, it won’t cost as much to cool or heat your apartment. Many times, you can even find studio apartments that offer some or all of the utilities in the cost of your rent. This makes it nice for you because you won’t have to worry about how much your utilities are going to cost month to month. There will be no surprises. You also won’t have to worry about which bills are due and when. You can simply write one check a month. Even if you don’t have the luxury of having your utility bills included with your rent, you will find that they cost less than if you had a one-bedroom apartment.

You Will Have Less Space to Clean

By having a studio apartment in the city, you will probably be drawn out to all the city has to offer. There will be plenty to go see and do, so why would you want to spend a lot of time having to clean your apartment? By renting a studio apartment, you can spend more time doing the things you love instead of having to clean a large apartment. Since it is a studio apartment and you can’t fit as much in it, you will have less items to dust and move around for vacuuming. It will be very manageable.

You Will Enjoy Life

Renting a studio apartment in the city will free up some of your money that you would have spent on rent. You can then use this money to go out and enjoy the city life. You won’t be house-poor like some people who spend over 1-2,000 dollars on rent alone. You will freedom in this choice.

There are many benefits for renting studio apartments in St Paul, Mn. For more information about renting one in the city, contact an apartment complex near you with any questions you might have.

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